A Garden City Lodge Gala Event
Saturday Night, March 5, 2016
"Steve Taddeo's 20-Piece Big Band"
vocalist Caroline Griep
produced by
Bro. Myron Idelson 

Bro. Myron Robert Idelson:

Brother Myron Robert Idelson was admitted to the Celestial Lodge above on Monday morning, March 14, 2016, following a brief illness. Brother Idelson had been the sole surviving charter member of Garden City Lodge. Even at his advanced age, he attended Lodge regularly,offering advice to all who met him. He was a mentor to many and an inspiration to all. Most recently, he sponsored a grand gala of Big Band music featuring Steve Taddeo, his long-time friend and fellow drummer. Mr. Taddeo brought 20 musicians and singers with him for a full house performance in the Newtonville Masonic Building on March 5th which Bro. Idelson proudly sponsored.  During his younger days in vaudeville, Myron wrote jokes for Henny Youngman and spent many years in the entertainment industry during that era.  It was not uncommon for Brother Idelson to address the Lodge when he attended, offering his reflections of days gone by, and always with a number of jokes. Brother Idelson was raised a Master Mason in Moses Michael Hays Lodge on March 23, 1948, and was one of 99 Brothers who founded Garden City Lodge on October 13, 1955. He is survived by his wife, Renne, and daughter, Lesley. Brother Idelson’s wit, charm, and sage advice will be deeply missed.

With profound sorrow, we deeply mourn the passing of
Born: March 23, 1926 in Boston, MA
Entered: January 27, 1948
Passed: February 24, 1948
Raised: March 23, 1948 in Moses Michael Hays Lodge
Affiliated: October 13, 1955
A Charter Member
Veterans Medal: May 12, 1998
Departed: March 14, 2016
A Master Mason for 67 years, 11 months, 20 days
“May His Soul Be Bound Up In The Bonds Of Eternal Life”

             Twelve short days ago, Myron Idelson was in his glory. He was a very giving man and he had given us another of his wonderful gifts.  He was in his Masonic Lodge, with two of the groups that meant so much to him; the Masonic Lodge which he helped form 61 years ago with 98 of his friends and Brothers, and his music with Steve Taddeo.  We had 130 people enjoying what turned out to be his final gift to us; the music which he enjoyed so much, the jokes which he always loved to tell – even if we heard them many times before, and vocals which came from his 90 year old “pipes” which rivaled men decades younger.

            Myron lived and loved Masonry.  He completely understood what the hourglass represented.  Those little grains of sand falling from one compartment to the other, imperceptibly, until they were all exhausted.  None of us know how much sand we have in the top portion.  All we see is the growing pile below.  But Myron understood the concept of making the best use of each grain of sand, making every grain count, as he did on March 5th. 

            He was the consummate entertainer, writing jokes for Henny Youngman many years ago during the vaudeville era, and performing in the “Borscht Belt” himself.  Ahhh, the stories he told….

            Myron attended Lodge as often as he could; sitting on the sidelines with his broad smile reveling in the successes he helped nurture those 61 years ago; his first gift to us.  It was not uncommon for Myron to address the Lodge when he attended, offering his reflections and sage advice as an elder statesman of days gone by, and when Myron spoke, you could have heard a pin drop.  The members hung on every word.  And he never failed to end with a number of parting jokes.  He was a mentor to many and an inspiration to all.

            Myron became a surrogate father to many of us.  For the past few years he was the sole surviving Charter Member of Garden City Lodge, and as such we are all his children.  A number of years ago I sat down with him on the sidelines and told him how much it meant to me, and to the Lodge, that he would come and visit us.  I told him how my father had passed away many years ago at the age of 65 and how I wished so much that he were here today.  But having Myron present in Lodge was as though my Dad was still here, and when we concluded our conversation, I turned to him and said “Thanks, Dad.”  I saw his smile become even broader, and I even saw a tear of pride and affection. 

            They don’t make men like Myron these days.  He deeply loved his wife and daughter, and cared for them on a daily basis, and he cared for his beloved Lodge of which he gave so much of his energy to. 

            When Myron was interviewed at length for the Lodge’s 50th Anniversary more than ten years ago, which celebration he attended with his lovely wife Renne, he spoke about how he’s been so blessed with so many wonderful experiences with people from all walks of life.  He spoke of the fun he had and how his Lodge played such a large role in his life.  He was so very proud of what his Lodge had become and how well it had succeeded.  All he asked was to “keep the dream alive.”  Myron, we ARE and will always keep the dream alive.  Godspeed, my Brother, and thanks “Dad!”

Eulogy for Myron Idelson, as presented at his funeral by R.W. Stephen C. Cohn



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