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Service Committee

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The Complete Notice








460 Newtonville Avenue, Newtonville, MA 02460

Fifth Masonic District



Dear Brother;

A Regular Stated Communication of


will be held at the Masonic Apartments

460 Newtonville Avenue, Newtonville, Massachusetts, on:


 All members are requested to attend,

and all Masons are cordially invited.


6:00 P.M:  OPEN – Second Degree



A.  To receive the reports of the Treasurer and Secretary

B.  Election of Officers for 2023-2024

Proposed slate of officers:
Worshipful Master........... Wor. Christopher N. Kelley
Senior Warden......................... Wor. Thomas M. Harte
Junior Warden.................... Bro. John R. Harrington, II
Treasurer..................................... Wor. Robert H. Brown
Assistant Treasurer................ Rt. Wor. Seth A. Landau
Secretary............................... Rt. Wor. Stephen C. Cohn
Assistant Secretary................ Wor. Mal H. Lemeshow
Trustee (2026)........................... Wor. Ross L. Scribner
Auditor........................... Rt. Wor. Donald H. LaLiberte
Proxy........................................ Wor. Robert N. Littman

C.  To vote on NPD Suspensions

D.  To read and accept applications

E.  To transact any other business that may legally come before the Lodge.



Rt. Wor. Joseph A. Manzo, Jr., District Deputy Grand Master of the Fifth Masonic District, will be making a Fraternal Visit to our lodge.  He will accompanied by Wor. Joseph Spinale, District Deputy Grand Marshal, Wor. Jared LaLiberte, District Deputy Grand Secretary, and a suite of distinguished Masons.

Presentation of 50-Year Veterans Medals

Wor. Gary R. Rachins and Bro. Ronald L. Belt will be presented with 50-year Veterans Medals by the District Deputy Grand Master.  Spouses and families are cordially invited.


Chicken Ziti with Broccoli

Alternate: Chicken Ziti with Broccoli

Catered by:
Garden City Lodge

  Meal Cost .............. $20.00

For meal reservations, please contact our
Junior Warden, Wor.
Thomas M. Harte,
or use our
on-line reservation form
to indicate your choice of entree no
later than 6:00pm, Sunday, June 4, 2023.

Reservations are required!

Brethren, Please honor your reservations.



By Order of:



Service Committee:


Please notify the Service Committee chairman, Wor. Ross Scribner, the Master or Secretary with any news concerning the welfare of the Brethren and their families.

Congratulations to Ben Lipman, son of Andrea and Bro. Jeffrey Lipman on his graduation from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Get Well wishes are sent to Wor. David S. Gitner, recovering at home following recent eye surgery.
Condolences of the Lodge are sent to the family of Bro. Scott A. Fox who passed away recently following a short illness









With profound sorrow, we regretfully mourn the passing of:

Born: July 31, 1950 at Newark, NJ
Entered: Apr. 7, 1994
Passed:  May 5, 1994
Raised: June 9, 1994
Departed: April 24, 2023
A Master Mason for 28 years, 10 Months, 15 days

“May His Soul be Bound Up in The Bonds of Eternal Life”





Calendar of Events:

NOTE:  All dates below are tentative and assume we will be able to meet as scheduled.


5th Lodge of Instruction




June 1, 2023

GCL Rehearsal

June 8, 2023

GCL Stated communication and election

June 14, 2023

Grand Lodge Quarterly, Boston

July 9, 2023

District Blood Drive, Newtonville

July 14, 2023

Special Communication aboard the USS Constitution in Charlestown, 6:00pm

September 14, 2023

Stated Communication, Annual Meeting, and Installation of Officers

Summer Lodge Night Out
Friday, July 14, 2023
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29th Annual Teddy Bear Classic
Monday, July 24, 2023
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From the Secretary…

Brethren, we have been notified that Grand Lodge dues will be increased from $77.00 to $80.00 per year plus the $1.00 George Washington Memorial assessment effective September 1, 2023.  This means the dues bills sent out over the summer will increase from $194.00 to $201.00 for full dues since our lodge dues are 1.5 times Grand Lodge dues.

From the East:


Greetings, Brethren,

     It’s hard to believe that I am writing the June message already. Behold how swiftly the sands run and how quickly the Masonic year goes by.

Thank you to all those who attended the Table Lodge in May. It was a delightful evening for all those who came and a special thank you to RW Steve Cohn for all his excellent work, and for assisting me and getting everything prepared, and to Wor. Tom Harte for organizing the meal.

Our June meeting will be open to ladies and guests. We will be presenting two 50-year medals, election of officers, and present year end reports. We will receive our DDGM, RW Joseph A. Manzo, Jr., and then have a nice dinner with our families to end the year.

On Friday, July 14 we will be having a special Lodge Night Out aboard the USS Constitution in Charlestown where we will make a presentation to a member of the Lodge.  We will invite a few special guests joining our event to offer their remarks followed by an exclusive tour of the ship by our friend and Brother Master Chief Seth Miles, the Command Master Chief of the ship. Attire will be business casual with no jackets or ties required. We will have a nice dinner on-site after the tour. This event is also open to ladies, guests, and older children. I sincerely hope to see a good group for this as I know GCL historically used to do tours in Boston, i.e., Fenway Park, the Channel 7 studios, and others in the past.  We will set up carpooling from our Lodge building to help with the commute.

I thank every one of you for the opportunity to serve as your Worshipful Master again, as well as humbly appreciate all who participated in some way.

I sincerely hope that I have lived up to the expectations of the craft and look forward to the future of the Lodge and its prosperity. Happy summer to all, and May the Supreme Architect of the Universe bless all of you and your families with Health, Peace, and Good Will.

Warmest Fraternal Greetings,


Wor. Christopher N. Kelley, Master




Photos from Table Lodge 2023:




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