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Service Committee

Calendar of Events From the East Upcoming Special Events Challenge Accepted

The Complete Notice









460 Newtonville Avenue, Newtonville, MA 02460

Fifth Masonic District



Dear Brother;

A Regular Stated Communication of


will be held at the Masonic Apartments

460 Newtonville Avenue, Newtonville, Massachusetts, on:



All members are requested to attend,

and all Masons are cordially invited.


5:30 P.M:  OPEN Third Degree

5:45 P.M:  Master Mason Degree, First Section

      If Entitled:

            One Candidate



Carved London Broil
(Haddock Alternate)

Catering by:
Chef du Jour

  Meal Cost .............. $25.00

For meal reservations, please contact our
Junior Warden,
Wor. Mark Elsner,
or use our
on-line reservation form
to indicate your choice of entree no
later than 6:00pm, Sunday, June 5, 2022.

Brethren, Please honor your reservations.


A.    To Ballot on the following Application for Affiliation:

                      One Applicant

B.     Election of Officers for 2022-2023

The following slate of elected officers

has been proposed:

Worshipful Master..... Wor. Christopher N. Kelley
Senior Warden.................... Wor. Mark D. Elsner
Junior Warden................. Wor. Thomas M. Harte
Treasurer.......................... Wor. Robert H. Brown
Secretary..................... Rt. Wor. Stephen C. Cohn
Asst. Treasurer.............. Rt. Wor. Seth A. Landau
Asst. Secretary............... Wor. Mal H. Lemeshow
Trustee for three years... Wor. Paul S. Koss (2025)
Proxy............................. Wor. Robert N. Littman

     C.      To Ballot on suspension for nonpayment of dues.

     D.      To transact any other business that may legally come
              before the lodge.

     Closing of the Business Meeting



      Second and Third Sections

     Our candidate will be raised to the Sublime Degree in Due
     and  Ancient Form by the Officers of Garden City Lodge.


CLOSE:  A collation will be available in the dining hall following the closing of the Lodge.


By Order of:



Service Committee:


Please notify the Service Committee chairman, Wor. Ross Scribner, the Master or Secretary with any news concerning the welfare of the Brethren and their families.

Get well wishes are sent to Amy Sue D., wife of Wor. Ethan Gilson, recovering at home following surgery.





Calendar of Events:

NOTE:  All dates below are tentative and assume we will be able to meet as scheduled.  They are subject to cancellation due to the COVID-19 virus.


5th Lodge of Instruction





May 29, 2022

Newton Memorial Day Parade

June 8, 2022

Grand Lodge Quarterly Communication

June 11, 2022

Aleppo Shrine Steak Ceremonial

June 16, 2022

District Officers Meeting, Venue TBA

July 9, 2022

Moses Michael Hays Lodge 150th Anniversary Celebration at the Scottish Rite Museum.

September 14, 2022

Grand Lodge Quarterly Communication.

From the East:

Fraternal Greetings Brethren,

            Congratulations to our own candidate and to the candidate from Moses Michael Hays Lodge on taking their second steps in Freemasonry! Thanks again to Wors. Sebastian Napolitano and David Ferrazzoli for their kind assistance as acting Stewards.

            As promised, R.W. Graeme Marsden and the Brethren of Rural Lodge came through with a very generous $500 donation, split evenly for the two charities of our choice. We thoroughly enjoyed their return visit to Garden City Lodge and we heartily thank them for the opportunity to participate in such beneficent charity and especially for their Fellowship!

            Special thanks to Wor. Thomas M. Harte, and all the members of the Nominating Committee, for their diligent work interviewing and proposing a very capable and zealous slate of officers for GCL’s next Masonic season! Volunteering to jump back into a progressive pillar officer role is a generous and even heroic thing to do! Thanks to all of you who routinely do whatever needs to be done in order to preserve the Lodge that we all love. That said, we still need another Steward to install and should also have a few associate stewards and deacons for those inevitable times when the installed brothers cannot attend a particular communication. If you are interested in participating and believe that “rejuvenation” is our best way forward, WE NEED YOU to become an active member again NOW!

            At our next Regular Communication, we will be  conferring the Master Mason Degree on our candidate. Past Masters who are interested in doing particular Master’s work should contact Wor. Robert Brown ASAP. Please come and support our candidate and see him Raised to the Sublime Degree. Brother John Ayotte/Chef Du Jour finally returns following recent surgery, to provide a sumptuous, carved London Broil dinner and it promises to be another great night! Please take heed: We are not ordering any “extra meals.” Please get your reservations, including any alternate meal requests, in early and do not expect our JW to chase you for them! While no one will ever be turned away, we’ll only be providing PB&J sandwiches, beverages and possibly dessert items for those who show without timely reservations being made. 

We are again marching as a Lodge in the Newton Memorial Day Parade on Sunday, May 29th.  Please let R.W. Dana A. Jackson know if you would like to march. It’s fun; it’s only about 1.25 miles and there is no better show of attachment to and involvement with our community! We’ll meet at the Lodge at 2:15 PM and walk over to Newton North H.S. parking lot together. Please come and support this important effort!

Happy Father’s Day & Warm Fraternal Regards,


Wor. Joseph A. Manzo, Jr., Master




From the Secretary's Desk:

Dear Brethren,

            It’s that time of the year once again where letters will be sent in the next two weeks to those brethren who are delinquent in their dues.  If your dues card does not say 2022 on it, your dues have not been paid and your dues card has expired as of March 1st.  Please remit your dues immediately to avoid future actions and additional expense to the Lodge.

            It has come to my attention that many brothers who still use AOL accounts for email may not be receiving email from either me or the Lodge.  This seems to be a global issue with AOL as they appear to deem any email containing four or more email address to be spam despite the sending address being white-listed.  If you have not received email from me or the Lodge lately, please check your spam filter or contact me.  Thank you.

 R.W. Steve Cohn, Secretary




Quick Note on Dues:


Dear Brethren,

            The Lodge has been notified that there will be an increase of $2.00 in Grand Lodge dues for the 2022-2023 Masonic year.  All dues categories will be adjusted accordingly when the bills are mailed in mid July.


Steve Cohn, Secretary





What have you done with your gift?:


We have received from the brethren who have come before us, a gift, that embodies all that is in the spirit of our fraternity. This spirit showcases the principles of Freemasonry.  It is our responsibility to take good care of it and make it grow.  That responsibility is in your hands.  What is that gift from our Brethren before us?  It is the legacy of Freemasonry.  Please share your gift.
R.W. Albert C. Hopper, III, District Grand Master, G.L. of MA







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