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Mayor David Cohen presents a proclamation from the City of Newton to Wor. Joe Goldstein as R.W. Ernest Pearlstein looks on

Wor Joe Goldstein displays a Citation from the Massachusetts State House of Representatives

Wor Joe Goldstein displays a Citation from the Massachusetts State Senate

Wor Joe Goldstein displays a Citation from Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

M.W. Fred K. Bauer, Past Grand Master, addresses the Lodge

R.W. Ernest A. Pearlstein, Junior Grand Warden, addresses the Lodge

Bro. George Chaletzky, Wor. Nathan Goldstein, Wor. Richard I. Miranda and Wor. Robert N. Goldstein, at the memorabelia table

Bro. Myron Idelson, Charter member, with his wife Renne

M.W. Fred K. Bauer, Past Grand Master, with his wife Kay

M.W. Chester R. Isles, Past Grand Master, Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

Wor. Joseph Goldstein, Presiding Master of Garden City Lodge, and his wife Ellen

R.W. Ernest A. Pearlstein, Junior Grand Warden, and his wife Marjorie

R.W. Paul Rolston, Past Senior Grand Warden, and his wife Jean

"The Cake"

Bro James "Fonzie" DeFonzo, Bro. Steve "Fayzo" Fay with Wor. Ross Scribner and his wife Lauren

Wor. George Anastopoulos and his wife Laurie

Bro. Kyle Barnette and his wife Khara

Wor. George Pultz and his wife Roberta

Wor. Melvin Davis and his wife Glenys

Bro. Jack Fishbon and his wife Barbara

Bro. Edward Horlink and his wife Doris

Wor. Joseph Goldstein presents a certificate of appreciation and gift clock to Bro. David Boyle

Bro. Norman Ainbinder and his wife Annette

Bro. Jack Lapuck and his wife Ruth

Bro. Alvan Sweet with Bro. Ed Shrier and his wife Eleanor

Wor. David Kramer and his wife Norma

Bro. Steve Fay and his wife Lisa

Bro. Harvey Weisthal and his wife Eileen

Wor. Mal Lemeshow and his wife Meryl

Wor. David Gitner and his wife Debbie

Wor. Leonard Gitner (NOTE: Lennie was sitting upright..... the condition of the photographer was unclear)

Bro. Jeff Lipman and his wife Andrea

Bro. David Boyle and his wife Karen

R.W. Stephen Kaloyanides, past Sr. Grand Warden and R.W. Jeffrey L. Gardiner, District Deputy Grand Master of the Fifth Masonic District

Bro. Scott Y. Seto and his wife Laura

Wor. Roger W. Appell and his wife Sheila

Bro. Donald LaLiberte and his wife Anne

Wor. Carl M. Frutkoff and his wife Roz

Bro. Ken Crystal and his wife Anne

Bro. Paul Donovan and his wife Jean

Bro. Robert Littman and his wife Bonnie

R.W. Stephen C. Cohn, past District Deputy Grand Master, and his wife Jill



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