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Service Committee

Calendar of Events From the East From the Secretary's Desk Fair Winds and Following Seas

The Complete Notice








460 Newtonville Avenue, Newtonville, MA 02460

Fifth Masonic District



Dear Brother;

A Regular Stated Communication of


will be held at the Masonic Apartments

460 Newtonville Avenue, Newtonville, Massachusetts, on:


 All members are requested to attend,

and all Masons are cordially invited.


6:15 P.M:  DINNER

Beef Stew

Alternate: Some kind of Fish

Catered by:
Neillio's Catering

  Meal Cost .............. $25.00

For meal reservations, please contact our
Junior Warden, Bro.
ohn R. Harrington, II,
or use our
on-line reservation form
to indicate your choice of entree no
later than 6:00pm, Sunday, December 10, 2023.

Reservations are required!

Brethren, Please honor your reservations.



A.       To receive the reports of the Treasurer and Secretary

B.       To read and accept applications

C.       To transact any other business that may legally come before the Lodge.



Rt. Wor. Joseph A. Manzo, Jr, District Deputy Grand Master of the Fifth Masonic District, will be making an Official Visit to our lodge. He will be accompanied by Wor. Joseph Spinale, District Deputy Grand Marshal, Wor. Jared LaLiberte, District Deputy Grand Secretary, and a suite of distinguished Masons.


CLOSE: Collation to follow.



By Order of:



Service Committee:


Please notify the Service Committee chairman, Wor. Ross Scribner, the Master or Secretary with any news concerning the welfare of the Brethren and their families.

Get well wishes are sent to Mrs. Judy Belt, wife of Bro. Ronald Belt, recovering at home following an illness and multiple  hospitalizations. 





From the Secretary's Desk:

Lodge Notices on MassMasons


The Grand Master has authorized new Military Service Medals for those brethren who have served in the armed forces of our country.  Medals are being struck and made available to the Lodges.  We have already issued some of the medals but frankly, we do not know all who have served.  You may be able to access your own data via 

If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary to ensure your record is properly denoted so we may issue a medal to you. 

At the November communication, medals were presented to those members present who served in the armed forces of our country.
Pictured from right to left, Wor. Christopher N. Kelley, Master, presented the new Military Service Medals to SSG Bro. Norman L. Ainbinder, US Army Reserve; CAPT Bro. Michael D. Barg, US Navy (Ret); and HM1 RW Joseph A. Manzo, Jr, US Navy.
Many other local brethren are eligible to receive these medals and should contact the Master or Secretary to arrange attendance in Lodge to receive their medal.  Eligible brethren who live away from Eastern Massachusetts will eventually have their medals mailed to them.

Cordially and fraternally,

Rt. Wor. Steve Cohn, Secretary





Calendar of Events:

NOTE:  All dates below are tentative and assume we will be able to meet as scheduled.


5th Lodge of Instruction




December 27, 2023

Grand Lodge Installation of Officers and Feast of Saints. John, Boston

January 4, 2024

Grand Lodge Quarterly Communication

From the East:


Greetings, Brethren,

     We had a wonderful meeting last month for November.  Congratulations to those who received their new Military Service Medals, and again, thank all who served in our military for their service.  I also want to congratulate the officers for a great long-form opening despite being one officer short, as we havenít done one in a long time.

     I thank Wor, Kirk Knowlton for his continued support and contributions to the Lodge and especially to our veterans.  I also thank Bro. Michael Barg and Bro. John Harrington for a great Thanksgiving Dinner. The meal was tasty, and there was certainly no shortage of food.  We have been striving for a great meal that doesnít break the lodge or the membersí wallets and we achieved that goal. Also, we had two potential candidates join us from the Open House and they have already made some great connections with many brothers and took home applications.  We are hopeful to have another father/son team join our Lodge and become Master Masons.

     We are now thick into the holiday season and approaching the end of 2023.

     This month, we will receive RW Joseph A. Manzo, Jr, our District Deputy Grand Master for his official visit to our Lodge. It will be a short meeting so we may join our families for the Holidays.  As we close out the year and prepare for our celebrations, let us not forget those we have not seen recently in the Lodge, and those who we know are suffering.  Please contact those brothers and their families.  I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season, and I hope you all have a safe and joyous time with your families and friends.

     Thank you all for what you do for Freemasonry and to support our Lodge, and may The Supreme Architect of the Universe bless all of you and your families.

Warmly and fraternally,


Wor. Christopher N. Kelley, Master




Fair Winds and Following Seas:


Any holes while sailing in your boat of life can make life difficult.  Your pump can rid your bilge of unwanted water (people who make your life miserable).  Once the holes are found, patch them permanently (stay away from those people).  Keep your hull free of barnacles that can slow you down (people who are leeches, always wanting something from you giving little in return), and your superstructure rust-free (no contamination by outside interference) for better support. 

Sailing a boat is like being with people.  The better condition your boat is in is like having a crew of best friends.  Just as the boat sails better when clean, life goes better with solid friends.  Fair winds and following seas, my friend!

From The Masonic Community



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