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Service Committee

Calendar of Events From the East Project Overlook Situational Update Who is Hiram Abiff

The Complete Notice









460 Newtonville Avenue, Newtonville, MA 02460

Fifth Masonic District



Dear Brother;

A Regular Stated Communication of


will be held at the Masonic Apartments

460 Newtonville Avenue, Newtonville, Massachusetts, on:


*Per a dispensation granted by the Grand Master.
No meal will be served.
If we are unable to meet in person, we will again
conduct a “virtual” meeting via the Zoom app.
at 8:00 PM.
  The meeting ID will be sent out a day
or two prior to the meeting to all email addresses
we have

All members are requested to attend,

and all Masons are cordially invited.


6:00 P.M.:  OPEN – First Degree


  1. To ballot (if permitted virtually by the
    Grand Master) on the application for
    reinstatement from:


  2. To receive and read applications

  3. To ballot on the suspension of members for non-payment of dues.

  4. To transact any other business that may legally come before the Lodge.




By Order of:

  Wor. Mark D. Elsner, Master


Service Committee:

Congratulations to Marcia and Wor. Mark Elsner on the marriage of their daughter, Melanie, to Matthew Hirsch.

Condolences of the Lodge are sent to Wor. Roger H. Ambuter  and his family on the passing of his wife, Coral.


Please notify the Service Committee Chairman, Wor. Ross Scribner, the Master or Secretary with any news concerning the welfare of the Brethren and their families.


Calendar of Events:

NOTE:  All dates below are tentative and assume we will be able to meet as scheduled.  They are subject to cancellation due to the COVID-19 virus.


5th Lodge of Instruction





June 27, 2020 New Date.  Master's Path Workshop, East B'water
September 10, 2020 GCL Installation (tentative)

From the East:

Hello to all my Brothers.

I hope you and your families are well.

The year has been very exciting with what has gone on.  All we seem to focus on now is Covid-19.  Let’s step away from that for a moment and look at what we’ve done.

We have a candidate who has taken two degrees and is eager to complete his journey. We have a new candidate who is ready and excited to start his degrees.  We performed a courtesy second degree for a candidate from Australia. We had the pleasure of having his Lodge’s Secretary with us.  We had a great ladies’ night social. We had our holiday breakfast with entertainment and we physically met in lodge seven times.  I think we did well under the circumstances.  Now back to today. 

We’ve been mostly successful talking with brothers and checking on as many as we can.  We’ve   had Zoom online videoconference meetings that have drawn a good number of brothers together that we may have not have seen for a while.  We’ve even online with a Brother from Chile.  We’ve been permitted to conduct a limited amount of lodge business online.  We’ve heard a lot of good stories online with zoom, I was even able to give away three Dunkin gift cards, and most of all, significant brotherly participation. Also, many of the officers were dressed in proper Masonic attire! So yes, we are still doing okay.

Brethren, as I wrap up writing this, we learned of the passing of Coral Ambuter, wife of Wor. Roger Ambuter.  She was an integral and active part of the Lodge when Roger was Master in 2001-2002.  She will be missed and remembered by those members who were in the Lodge during that time. 

Congratulations to Wor. Joseph A. Manzo, Jr. on being elected Master-elect for the upcoming year. Also to the other elected officers who will be stepping up to help grow the Lodge, thank you to everyone that made my term to now a success and  guiding me in the right direction. It has made me a better person and Mason.  As I have lived my life by saying “If you can make someone else feel good, it will make you feel good”.

Have a great summer and I hope to see you in the fall, in our building!


Be healthy and safe.

Wor. Mark Elsner, Master



Situational Update:

Dear Brethren,

During the June Quarterly Communication of Grand  Lodge which was conducted virtually for the first time, the  Grand  Master      mandated that every brother be contacted within the next two months to ascertain their health and well-being, and to verify that we have all their correct information, including telephone numbers and email addresses.  This is something we have been trying to accomplish for many months already with limited success.  You will be hearing from a Lodge member very soon to ascertain your well-being and health.  If you are reading this and have not received a phone call or email from the Lodge or the Secretary, please call the Secretary immediately to provide that information.  You can be assured that your information will be secure and not sold or used for any non-Masonic reasons.

            We have had a couple of very successful “Zoom” videoconference meetings recently.  If we do have your correct email address and you have not been receiving the updates, please check your spam filter, or whitelist and 

Please feel free to contact me or the Master of the lodge with your comments or concerns. Thank you.

Stay safe, my Brothers,

R.W. Steve Cohn, Secretary


Who is Hiram Abiff?

       I Kings Chapter 7 in the Old Testament refers to a man called Hiram of Tyre, a widow’s son from the Hebrew tribe of Naphtali.

       He was “filled with wisdom, and understanding, and cunning to work in brass.  And he came to King Solomon and wrought his work.”  I Kings goes on to outline Hiram’s contribution to the building of the Temple in great detail.  And from this, a Masonic legend was born.

       Freemasons call Hiram of Tyre “Hiram Abiff” (Abiff is from the Hebrew word for “Father”), and consider him the chief architect of King Solomon’s Temple.  His Masonic tale, briefly encapsulated, is this:

       At the end of a workday, Hiram Abiff was accosted by three ruffians who demanded that he reveal the secrets of a Master Mason to them.  Such “trade secrets” had great value and Hiram refused to divulge them.  When the thugs realized he wouldn’t speak, they murdered Hiram Abiff.

            Within Freemasonry, his story is a cautionary tale for all Master Masons.

Little Books About Big Things: Freemasons
By Bob Bailey Mucker ©2013 Fall River Press





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