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Service Committee

Calendar of Events From the East From the Secretary's Desk

The Complete Notice









460 Newtonville Avenue, Newtonville, MA 02460

Fifth Masonic District



Dear Brother;

A Regular Stated Communication of


will be held at the Masonic Apartments

460 Newtonville Avenue, Newtonville, Massachusetts, on:


NOTE:   No meal will be served.

At press time we are planning on conducting a hybrid meeting.  That is, meeting in person for the officers and virtually via Zoom for the members.

The meeting ID will be sent out a day or two prior to the meeting, to all email addresses we have on file.

All members are requested to attend,

and all Masons are cordially invited.


7:00 P.M.:  OPEN – First Degree


A.    To receive and read applications

B.      To ballot on the Application for Affiliation of:



To receive the Annual Reports of the Treasurer,
Auditor, Trustees and Committees.

    C. To transact any other business that may legally come before the Lodge.



8:00 PM:  Rt. Wor. Kenneth L. Brown, District Deputy Grand Master of the Fifth Masonic District, accompanied by Wor. Mark J. Collins, Sr., District Deputy Grand Marshal, Wor. Robert A. Caron, District Deputy Grand Secretary, and who will be accompanied by a suite of distinguished Masons as he makes an Official Visit to our Lodge.





By Order of:



Service Committee:

Congratulations to Wor. George Pultz and his wife Roberta on the birth of their sixth grandson.  Congratulations also to Bro. Norman Ainbinder and his wife Annette on the engagement of their daughter Meredith to Dr. David Shein.

Get well wishes are sent to Bro. Marcelo Fernandes and his wife Gilmara who are recovering from an illness.



Please notify the Service Committee Chairman, Wor. Ross Scribner, the Master or Secretary with any news concerning the welfare of the Brethren and their families.


Calendar of Events:

NOTE:  All dates below are tentative and assume we will be able to meet as scheduled.  They are subject to cancellation due to the COVID-19 virus.


5th Lodge of Instruction





October 17, 2020 Statewide Open House

From the East:

Greetings my Brothers,

Let me start by saying thank you, well done, and a heartfelt congratulations to Wor. Mark D. Elsner and his Officers on the successful completion of their term during this very difficult and trying COVID-19 pandemic. A special thanks also to his wife, Marcia, for her love and enabling support of Mark. I hope that you are all as proud of yourselves as we are of you and be assured that we will continue building on the solid foundation that you’ve laid.

     Profound thanks to my Masonic “Dad” and Sponsor, R.W. Stephen C. Cohn, for serving as Installing Master and to Wor. Robert N. Littman, who “Raised” me and first appointed me as Inside Sentinel for serving as our Installing Marshal.  Your leadership and support have been a source of inspiration, strength, and wisdom to me since my very first “steps” in Garden City Lodge.  Congratulations and thanks also to the entire line of officers for 2020-2021. I’d especially like to welcome the newest officers to our line: Brother John Robert Harrington II, Brother Akin Senyurt and Brother Serkan Mahmut Eran. Your zeal, attachment and commitment to our Lodge is truly laudable!

     We’re finally back to work; already have an approved operating budget and we’re working on improving our Zoom broadcast capabilities. We need to continue making visitation/participation possible for all of our Members, near and far. Geo-distant Brethren who’d like to serve on (or even chair) GCL Committees, spearhead a Lodge event…can now do so very effectively and need only express their interest in order to get involved. There was a last-minute adjustment to the appointed officer line. We now have an open position for Inside Sentinel. Any Member who is a Master Mason, is readily available on the first and second Thursdays, and wants to join our progressive officer line, please reach out to me or one of our Wardens.

     Lastly, none of us have a crystal ball. We need to plan well ahead of time in order to have any hope of eventual program or meeting execution. Please remain patient and flexible as we navigate these shifting currents. We are now implementing in-person hybrid meetings with Zoom starting with our October meeting including a fitting observation of Veteran’s Day in November. Please be thinking about and planning on returning to Lodge in limited numbers, maintaining all recommended social distancing (with masks and gloves provided by the Lodge), and all of us pitching in to re-sanitize touched surfaces afterwards. If for health reasons you are uncomfortable in meeting at the Lodge hall, please join us via Zoom.  We must carefully and cautiously forge ahead and not allow ourselves or our Fraternity to become “COVID crippled!” Until then, stay safe and take good care of each other.

Warmly & Fraternally,

Wor. Joseph A. Manzo, Jr., Master




From the Secretary's Desk

Greetings Brethren,

We’ve survived the summer and more importantly we’ve survived the past six months dealing with the Covid virus.  September signals the end of what is normally the summer break. The Lodge is now coming back to life once again.  Our annual Installation of Officers at our September stated communication signals a rebirth of the lodge and of the fraternity.  Let us all continue in the spirit of the fraternity, attending lodge when you are able to do so, bringing a new prospective brother, and talking up the value of being a Mason.

We are all hoping to be able to attend meetings in person again soon but only if and when it is safe to do so, and all the safety precautions have been taken to keep everyone safe.

Dues bills have been mailed and the response so far has been encouraging.  Thank you to all the Brethren who have sent in their dues already.  For those who have not sent in their dues yet, please do so soon.

If you have any questions or other issues pertaining to membership, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Best personal and fraternal regards,
R.W. Stephen C. Cohn, Master



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